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good evening, everyone, i'm frank summerville. >> >> and i'm julie hahner. >> neighbors have seen an explosion of graffiti. new at 6:00, ken pritchard is live to show us how a problem that has long been in place is worst now. >> reporter: if you ever drove this stretch of the interstate, you may wonder how vandals get this close. all you have to do is open up the gate and there is the concrete barrier between thent state and the buildings getting tagged. it is certainly not safe, but apparently good enough for vandal. you will see this graffiti
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along a0 everywhere. >> this is tagged, go north on incompetent state 80, you will see graffiti whichever way your head turns. businesses, delivery trucks, downtown, not even murals are spared from the vandal's mark. >> definitely got a lot worst is what you could say. >> tony lives in an area called jingletown. >> as far as the neighborhood go, yeah, it has gotten a little out of hand. they are starting to spray pain the curbs now. we even added a joke that we saw an abandoned couch got spray painted. >> reporter: he lives between interstate 80
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with only two city crews designated for cleanup, tony says the vandals are easy to spot. >> our window overlooks the railroad tracks, so some guys get as are as far as actually bringing in six foot ladders with them when they go out and do their work. >> we are at the 23rd avenue and 0 interchange, if you take it all the way north to oakland, you will find graffiti almost the whole way there >> we connecticut tacted cal- tran, but we did not receive a note back. >> >> a graffiti artist is dead after falling over the weekend. a street sweeper found his body. he was convicted in 2009 and
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2011. >> oakland police department is changing the way it fights crime and the chief said the new policing model is depending on community involvement. the goal is for the department to work directly with the community, oakland will be divided into five districts and a cap opinion will be responsible for each one and they will interact with neighborhood advisory committees, something oakland residents seem open to try. >> not trusting people like they used to. >> oakland police said they don't know how many people will sit on the advisories board, but they say it would be an application process and anyone could apply. contra costa county raymond harris died after being shot while on the stairs leading to the station. richmond police say it appears
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the shooting happened following an argument. >> friends and relatives paid their respects in san francisco for a family killed by an alleged drunk driver in daly city. a woman and her two sons, 23 years old and 15 years old died after their car was broadsided by a speeding driver earlier this month. police arrested a 28-year-old sunnyvale man who faces three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges. >> police say a 17-year-old from richmond and a 16-year-old were arrested last thursday. authorities say they chased people walking along the path and that the pair also pushed a man off his bike and stole his cell phone. investigators are looking into whether the two boys a linked to a rash of robberies around
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this month. . san francisco symphony has cannesed the east coast tour due to ongoing strikes by the players. the strike started last wednesday and since then four performances have been canceled. musicians rejected a proposal from a federal mediator to resume performances during a cooling off period.
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>> no longer will businesses need to wait weeks or months for simple paperwork to be processed to begin to hire employees, side contracts and open for business. >> the assembly passed a bill requiring new business filings be approved within five days the bill must be approved by the senate and signed by the governor. >> >> for the first time in a quarter of a century, a former santa claira supervise tor has pleaded guilty to felony charges. robert is live with what he is facing. >> reporter: a lot of new information began to come out about the former county supervisor's gambling habits as court proceedings got underway here at the hall of justice. something about what he took and now, about what he may have won. >> he came to court to carry out a plea deal he made with the district attorney's office
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the 51-year-old former county supervisor pleaded guilty to a dozen charges accusing him of using campaign funds to feed what he called a campaign addiction. guilty pleas and resignation from office means he could avoid up to eight years in state prison, but the prosecutor said she will push for a year up up to a year in county jail. she revealed he set up a slush fund to solicit campaign money for gambling and >> he wronged the community and he wronged his contributors. this is a terrible black mark on our community. >> how might the continuous revelation emmake the -- obviously, he has been apiary ya' as a result of what happened during his tenure, i
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see it more as he doesn't want to be a distraction. >> he's not an evil man. he was a weak man that took van of lack of supervision that are resquiered to few his campaign. >> >> reporter: he and his attorney declined to comment. they are scheduled to return to court on april 30th when the judge will set aen ising date. -- . california teachers delivered letters to the state capitol today opposing a bill
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allowing students to take online courses for college credit. the teachers and other educate tors say an online education is not necessarily as effective as one where a student is physically in a classroom. >> everybody thinks that technology is going to solve problems provide inexpensive ways to provide education, we don'tty there is any evidence that it can do this. >> the goal of the bill is to offer 50 basic undergraduate sources that students can take online for uc, cal state for community college credit if the student cannot get into those classes oven campus. supporters say this would help students graduate faster. >> >> bomb sniffing dogs determined there was no bomb it at kimball high school in tracey. students were evacuated and then sent home, marking the first bomb threat at a tracey
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unified school in the past week. two tracey high school students were arrested after two notes were found in a boy's bathroom at that school. . >> unannounced visit. an infant sleeping in a car seat and another sleeping in a high chair. police have reportedly assigned two detectives to interview parents as they kin their investigation. >> efforts to hail a cab in san francisco with a single mobile app. here to tell us how the plan would work and when the plan might take effect. >> the new smart phone app could be available within the next two or three months it's relatively easy to catch a back, but that's not the case
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at special events or in outlying areas. >> depending on where you are in the city, it's almost impossible. >> right now, the city has 1700 cabs. >> if a regular person on the street wants to get a taxy cab, they have to go to the dispatch services. it's a luck of the draw whether they get the closest taxy or the one closest to town. . >> what happens right now is that people will often call multiple different dispatch services and they take whatever taxi that comes first. >> reporter: some say it will
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make the taxi industry more competitive. critics say many companieses already have smart phone apps and it is not the best way to improve service. >> the lack of supply of taxi cabs is the reason why you can't get cabs. we cannot supply or demand. >> how the app or apps will work or whether consumers can choose their cab company will choose on developers. if they approve it tomorrow afternoon, the apps could be available by the summerrent -- .
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fewly launched ferry service between oakland and san francisco is not as popular as predicted. 130 passengers used the ferry daily last month. officials were hoping for triple that number in the first year. the ferry operator wants to add noon trips. >> >> in seven minuteses i'll breakdown which parts of the bay area will see the heaviest rachel and if it will effect your commute. >> >> crafty way conartists used bay area -- u.s. postal service is being irresponsible --
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dozens protested outside of a postal service conference going on outside of san francisco today. >> >> demonstrators, many of whom are postal workers say they are out raged more than $3 million is being spent on a conference at the mascone center. at the same time they are cutting their workforce and planning to eliminate saturday delivery. even so, the post master general said he can't afford not to attend. >> it's a very responsible thing. the people sitting in this room represent $22 billion of revenue, one-third of the revenue in the postal service. >> >> national postal forum includes a dinner event and a
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golf tournament. -- . a man accused of impersonating a federal able failed to show up for his court appearance. he was arrested, but also cited last month for impersonating a fire marshall driving a car equipped with a siren and carrying a loaded firearm. >> >> semi-finals at the world baseball classic is underway. outside of at and t park with her jersey on and talked to excited fans. >> reporter: you can tell woe is playing by what i'm wearing.
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dominican republic taking on the netherlands, for fans, this is the perfect spot to be in >> i live it, i breathe it. >> this is great. i'm having a great time. >> we watch musicians buying souvenirs, the colors could be seen all around at and t parks. we spoke to a couple of people we found a few plans that flu all the way from the netter lands to watch to i that's game. it meant a lot to one of the fans in particular. >> some guys
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tickets are still available for tomorrow's championship game here at 5:00 p.m. you can grab them as cheap as or bay premiums for them as much as $500, depending on where you want to sit. there are still a lot of fans waiting for this game. it just got underway. everyone is getting excited. looking at some showers. >> flags are barely moving because the rain is not here. but it will get here and the wins will pick up many these are the highs from today. they got up to 7 degrees and then 70 in napa. tomorrow's high still warm, mid- 60s because this was a warm system.
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you see radar return showing up. that's just because this moist low traveling off the pacific. as it gets here, we could see some drizzle. but the main impact could be by tomorrow afternoon when we could see some showers beginning by tomorrow afternoon. the real dynamics don't get here until tomorrow night into wednesday morning. current temperatures as i mentioned in the mid-60s, warm air mass. snow levels will be high. is this a big storm. it's not. on a scale of one to 10, it looks like a 5 1/2. this is a small one, we'll get a half inch of rain, maybe an inch of rain in the foot hills. this is the system as it moves in tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon by 6:00, maybe a few light sprinkles ahead of the system as we go into your wednesday morning, the main dynamics, the cold front, not much of a cold front, but enough to create an
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inch of rain in the santa rosa area. so, there is your story, it looks like right now, maybe tomorrow afternoon's commute, but the main story will be the wednesday morning commute. 8:00 am tomorrow morning, here come the clouds, 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night, that's going to happen, you will see yellows. this is light rain, a very moist flow overnight and here we are into wednesday morning. right and you see the more dynamic rainfall. yellows in the area, more showers past noon on wednesday. here's the deal. outdoor plans on wednesday, you will want to change them around. forecast mys -- forecast highs as we go into the neck couple of days. mckind of sprinkley day and we are still talking upper 60s.
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five-day forecast, showers developing tuesday night. wednesday afternoon a distant memory, thursday, friday, saturday, >> thank you, bill. >> >> coming up, a big test this week for bart train and bart commuters, they are being allowed on bart at all times. find out what riders think about this. >> >> today's hearing involving troubled actress linsday lohan. we hope you will join us for these stories and more. >> james beard food awards are out. which restaurants in the area are on the live. . hello?
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the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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lughole foodies know the bay area is a great place to dine. local chefses are being recognized nationally. with the jam beard award. nominated in the best new restaurant category -- . finalists are determined by a panel of more than 600 judges. >> mark is here with sports. we have a big baseball going on
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at at and t park. team usa is not part of it. >> there are many fans from the netherlands and the dominican republic. the disappointment lies in the fact that team usa was eliminated, but the giants are happy about that. back in their camp, two key members of the pitching staff, vogel's son and jeremy getting ready to play the real baseball the giants are most concerned about. they are beaming from a very positive experience. of course they wished team usa were still alive in the wbc. >> bittersweet, i would prefer to say. going over to san fran an to compete in those games. i really enjoyed competing in those games. to come back, the situation means we get knocked out. >> having usa across your chest
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and seeing soldiers traveling, it really hits home what it means to be an american and to represent my country and to represent those guys that are fighting for us every day. it was special. >> joe fonzi did those interviews yesterday, being capped for saint patty's day. >> >> meantime, we are getting closer to opening day, exhibition game this afternoon. phillies against the braves. braves first baseman, freddie freeman to deep left. two-run homer and listen to the score, atlanta 17, phillies 10. not too happy darren tried to make the ball club. women's college basketball. stanford will go in as the number one seed, cal right there with them as the number two seed.
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we have plenty of college basketball heading our way of the mens and women's variety. but that's the spokane region. >> all right, you got it, >> thanks, mark. >> coming up tonight, facing major fallout after reportedly going on an anti-gay rant during a concert in san francisco. we'll tell you about the backlash the singer is facing. >> >> thank you for trusting ktvu news. we are always here for you. see you at 10:00. .

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